What To Know About Golf Courses In Knoxville, TN

If you are considering a visit to one of the many golf courses in Knoxville TN, you should familiarize yourself with the amenities, membership requirements, and costs associated with these attractions. Most golf courses are run by country or golf clubs, and some of these options are not open to the public. However, some clubs do offer a golfing package for visitors who are on vacation. Within these packages, you may find special rates and extra services.

Golfing Packages

A golfing package includes a predetermined amount of time in which you are allowed access to the golf courses in Knoxville TN. The allotted time is designated by the package you purchase. In most cases, you are allowed one or two days worth of game play on specific courses. Unless you are a member, you may not have access to the clubhouse, but you will have access to the restaurant and pro golf shop. If the course is located on a property owned by a private club, you should become familiar with the club rules that apply to dress codes primarily.

Membership Requirements

A membership package for golf courses in Knoxville TN is typically offered yearly. If you intend to visit the club numerous times during the year, a yearly membership is a good option for you. It will provide you with all club amenities, including access to the course and other areas located throughout the grounds. You can also enter tournaments and competitions that are sponsored by your selected club. With a membership, you may receive discounts for other local services or attractions. You should review all membership requirements before making a purchase.

Public Courses

Public golf courses in Knoxville TN are available to anyone who visits or lives within the area. You are required to pay fees per game in most cases. Some public courses offer yearly passes or specials during promotional events. These options may possess an on-site restaurant or snack bar where you can purchase meals, snacks, and beverages. A public course may possess a pro golf shop where you can purchase equipment or golf gear. However, the amenities offered depend upon the area and whether it is operated by a county-based or private owner.



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