How The Lacrosse Stick Has Changed Over The Years

Lacrosse has been a popular sport for hundreds of years and with the developments over the years, the lacrosse stick has seen many changes. A lacrosse stick is one of the most important pieces of equipment and every player will have one. The sticks will be used to transport the ball away from opponents and into the goal. This Native American sport is signified by the stick and although there is a standard style for the lacrosse stick nowadays, previous years saw players using sticks that were crafted from different materials and with different designs.

The Native American Lacrosse Stick

Native Americans would participate in lacrosse on a regular basis and sometimes, up to 1,000 people would compete to score a goal with the lacrosse stick. Tribes used to find this sport quite soothing and enlightening and there were some spiritual beliefs attached to the sport also. Spiritual awareness was associated with the lacrosse stick and at the beginning of every game; players would bring their sticks high into the air and praise them. Two kinds of games were played by the Native Americans and these were one-stick lacrosse and two-stick lacrosse. One-stick lacrosse involved the use of a wooden stick with a basket attached to the end. Two-stick lacrosse required a lacrosse stick with a triangular basket, which allowed for better aims.

Materials Used For A Lacrosse Stick

Time has passed by and the materials for a lacrosse stick have changed. Wood was the main material used for a lacrosse stick when the game was first introduced. In order to keep the bucket in place at the end of the stick, vines or animal tendons would be tied around. This was the technique used to craft the sticks until the 20th century passed. Now, handling is improved and durability is enhanced, thanks to the sticks being made from synthetic materials. Some materials you can expect to find on a modern lacrosse stick will be aluminum, graphite and titanium.

A Lacrosse Stick For A Man & A Woman

Men and women can play lacrosse but the lacrosse stick will be different, much like the rules of a game. Men will need a lacrosse stick that is a certain length, because more contact is involved. Defensive players will use sticks that are 52 to 72 inches in length and attack players will use sticks that are 40 to 42 inches in length. Women however have less contact. Because of this, the stick can be purchased in a standard size. Goalkeepers will normally have a lacrosse stick that is 35 to 48 inches and standard players will average at 35 to 43 inches.

Although less contact is involved for women, the game can be quite difficult because the lacrosse stick will be very narrow. To choose a stick that suits your role in the game of lacrosse, visit

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